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The dastardly doctor David is at it again

Will Greenlee wake up in time to stop Ryan and Madison from falling in love
Will Greenlee wake up in time to stop Ryan and Madison from falling in love

In the July 8th episode of AMC the dastardly Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) used lines on his wife, Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) that we have heard him use on his ex wives many times before. In recounting his latest horrific deeds (like sabotaging the plane of Erica Kane)  he summed up his behavior by saying, "I did it all for you, Greenlee." He professed that he loved her more than he ever did any other woman. The fact is that David Hayward loves one person, and one person only, and that is himself.

What made yesterday's episode a little different was the look that the wonderful Rebecca Budig gave David in the last scene. Having just experienced another confrontation with her ex, Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison), the crack in Greenlee's trust in David is widening. Ryan left Greenlee with the poignant words, "You were the love of my life," and it seems that this time, he may have gotten through to her as he pointed out David's latest deeds in his efforts to wrest Fusion away from the Kane clan. When listening to her husband once again try to justify his acts, Greenlee's huge eyes widened and we saw a flash of sadness in realizing what she has thrown away to be with David.

The problem is for Greenlee that she is so stubborn and will have great difficulty in listening to her father, Jackson Montgomery (Walt Wiley), her friends, and business acquaintainces, who will all be forming a line to say to Greens, "See we told you so," when she decides to leave David. For that reason, and because David can be so glib, charming, and convincing, it may take Greenlee a bit longer to understand the magnitude of what she has done by marrying him,

In the meantime, Ryan is inching closer to falling in love with Madison North (Stephanie Gatschet). The two have been cautious in establishing a romantic relationship as Madison has suffered greatly from being battered by both her ex-husband and her domineering father. Ryan understands that he still loves Greenlee, but he has told her that he needs to move on. While Greenlee was confronting David, Madison and Ryan enjoyed each other's company in the park. At the end of the scene between Ryan and Madison, they took each others' hands, the first physical experience they have shared. Thus, as Greenlee is beginning to come out of her David trance, Ryan is falling for Madison. This story is bound to become more intense as the summer goes on.