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'The Darkest Minds'

The cover of Alexandra Bracken's The Darkest Minds
Disney Hyperion

I loved this book. I had heard so many good things about it and I thought it sounded interesting but now I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. I read Alexandra Bracken's first book Brightly Woven and loved it so I was excited to try this new series!

One thing that is different about this book is the fact that the government/leaders are not the only bad guys. EVERYONE is a bad guy. From the bounty hunters to a secret group that wants use the kids to even other kids. Everywhere you look there is a new threat to be discovered and to hide from.

When Ruby was a child she was able to trick the camp into thinking she was a green. Which basically means she is harmless. But once they discover that she isn't a green she has to run for her life. She meets up with the greatest people you will ever meet (:P) Liam, Chubbs, and Zu are amazing characters and I would totally read a prequel with just their adventures.

They are all running to a mystical camp that is supposed to be a safe haven for kids. But of course nothing is as it seems. I loved getting to know this world and all the amazing characters. Liam, Chubbs, and Zu all have their different personalities and various traits that will endear you to each one in turn. There is even a little bit of a romance.

As I mentioned before this book is harrowing and it continues to get more and more intense until the final pages which will have you yearning for the next book. (Which lucky for you is already out.)

I really enjoyed The Darkest Minds and am excited to read the next installment Never Fade.

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