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The dark month

Kislev is the "dark" month in the Jewish calendar. Its also found in the of Nehemiah 1, verse 2-3. The darkest time of the year, but what an interesting season. The bible records that for everything under the sun there is indeed a season, even during the darkest month. Well, Kislev is the dark month. In the gregorian calendar (or modern day calendar) this would be the November December time.

During this dark time, or winter solstice, the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and yet the Jewish tradition holds this to the the season of hope. Where is the "hope" to be found in the dar winter solstice you may ask? Thats a great question and the very reason for this article. During this winter solstice, the Jewish tradition or feast of lights is celebrated. The lightning of candles signifies the bringing of light to the world. The candle always shines brightest in the darkest place, or darkest season.

To change direction for a second, bear with me as I bring in another piece of this puzzle. Jesus was born during the feats of tabernacles. This feast is exactly 40 weeks after Chanukah (feast of lights). In other words, Jesus was concieved during the festival of lights.

The symbolism is powerful indeed. God sent the "light of the world" to the world during the winter solstice, or the darkest time of the world. Thats powerful right there. The obvious meaning is that when you are going through a particularly dark, and challenging time of your life, God will not only send you "light" but also a solution. He loves and cares for you. God has your back, front side and covering. God has you completely covered in love even when you are struggling.

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