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The Dark Crystal


The revised Arcata Theater Lounge is one of the newest, yet oldest venues in Humboldt County. The building was constructed in 1937 with financing from George Mann and design by William B. David. Currently owed by Lara and Brian Cox you can find all kinds of music, performances and movies shown throughout the week.

Arcata Theater Lounge, January 28th, 2010
Stephen Mercier

Last Thursday, January 28, the lounge hosted the old Jim Henson movie, The Dark Crystal. This movie was one of Jim Hensons earlier works, featuring an array of art not just limited to puppeteering. Like a mixed media painting, there were live actors in costumes, clay animations, hand drawings, puppets, and really interesting scenery throughout the film.

While the movie was great what really made the show was the setting. The crowd was about as diverse as the county can get. With people ranging from little children to senior citizens, it provided a rich backdrop for an engaging evening.

People were situated around small tables just big enough for two. The seats while reminiscent of a college auditorium were manageable for what ended up being a three-hour evening. The food, with a rather large menu for a theater, was good. The cheeseburger was seasoned and the fries, exactly what fries should be, nothing to fancy but delicious non the less. Popcorn was too small but delicious. What sealed the deal on the food was that they delivered it to you while the movie was playing by way of a numbered card placed on your table.

The theater was loaded with couples cuddling in corners, families huddled together, and friends sprinkled about the auditorium. It’s a great setting for just about everyone, even if going alone, there is a bar to sit at with plenty of beer on tap to keep you smiling and meeting new people.


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