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The dangers of rehoming your pet online

An adult siamese cat relaxing.
An adult siamese cat relaxing.
Photo Credit: Mark Coldren

One cannot ignore the number of animal cruelty headlines that are significantly increasing in numbers across the internet and evening news at rapid rates just about every other hour. Knowing that animal abuse cases are on the rise, if you are a passionate and dedicated animal lover, one of the most difficult things to do is giving up your pet, regardless of the circumstances and even more so; the entire process of rehoming your cherished furry friend can be emotionally damaging due to the anxiety and stress associated with knowing your pet will no longer be in your life. No matter how desperate you are to find a new home for your cherished pet, one of the worst things you can do is rehome your pet online to a complete stranger. Some of the most horrific cases of animal abuse have been of a result of pet parents advertising their pets online to complete strangers, on websites such as Craigslist, not knowing that the person they end up rehoming their precious pets to are animal abusers.

Sadly there have been thousands of pets abused and tortured by the hands of people who responded to online ads for "free pets" or "looking for a good home" that pretended to be animal lovers, which is why you should never rehome your beloved pet to someone you do not know, especially to a complete stranger online. If you can truly no longer care for your beloved pet, the best thing you can do is find her a safe and loving home by asking the people you know very well, such as family members, friends and coworkers, if they would be interested in adopting your pet. If that option does not work for you, the next best thing to do is to contact local animal shelters in your community to see if they are able to help you find a foster or permanent home for your pet as many animal shelters and pet rescue organizations have an abundance of resources for helping pet parents find new homes for their pets.

If you have completely exhausted all of the mentioned options without any success, your last option would be to bring your pet to an animal shelter, but please know that some shelters, due to space limitations, have to euthanize some of the pets that are relinquished to them after a certain period of time, but the good news is, some of the animals do get adopted. On the other hand, no-kill shelters, such as PAWS Chicago, Animal House Shelter, Tree House Humane Society, and Harmony House for Cats will not euthanize and will provide continuous shelter to pets until they are adopted. Before bringing your pet to an animal shelter, please contact them first to find out what days and times they accept new pets, and also find out if they are accepting new pets. No matter how desperate you are, never abandon your pets outside or stop taking care of them as that is against the law and you can and will be charged with animal neglect and cruelty.

Finding a new loving home for your cherished pet can be emotionally exhausting and time consuming but they are worth every minute of it and always deserve the best, so please take the time to find the right person who will truly love and care for them. This will definitely give you a peace of mind.