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The dangers of having a bad attitude

Your mental state can have a drastic impact on the quality of your life. Knowing how will give you the power you need to change your mind, your mood, and ultimately---your life.

It drains you of positive energy

People with bad attitudes constantly think negative thoughts. They have a hard time seeing the good in other people and look down on almost everything. As a result, they are often tired, stressed out, and unhappy. Unless they begin counteracting their negative thoughts they may also begin to experience other health problems such as a heart attack.

It turns others off

People can spot people with bad attitudes from a mile away. When you approach them, they want to or often head in the opposite direction. People with bad attitudes find it hard to smile because of their general disposition. But even when they do laugh and smile, the people around them sense that they are not genuinely happy or sincere. Thus, they are uncomfortable around them. And, they miss out on the opportunities to receive job offers, promotions, and to make new friends.

It makes you unattractive

Constantly being upset and angry does not only continue to affect your attitude for the worse, but it also makes you unappealing as well. People who think negatively suffer from oily skin and other skin problems, brittle nails, hair loss, weight gain or weight loss, and drooping lips.

It attracts bad people and situations

Because of the quality of their thoughts and their negative feelings, people with bad attitudes can attract other people who are self-destructive. Also they put themselves in situations that cause them to have painful experiences.

It can put you on the offensive

People with bad attitudes are usually in a state-of-denial about who they are. And, other people can become irritated by their disposition. This usually leads to them arguing and fighting about their personality.

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