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The Danger Within

We would be wise to understand just what George Washington meant in his farewell address. Even back in 1796 Washington new of the dangers that could befall this new nation. Today, those dangers are right at our doorstep. It was Washington though that really understood the dangers that have now threatened America. Our independence, our national security, our prosperity and our liberty are all dependent upon a unity of purpose, a combined effort for the greater good. For years though from when Washington left office probably up until the early part of the 20th century we managed to hold true to most of Washington's warnings. It has been only the last 50 years or so that the United States has virtually ignored those warnings. We have drifted so far away form the original concepts that were the bases of our Constitution that the United States is poised to crumble from the dangers that are within.

When Washington began writing his farewell address he wanted to emphasize how critical it is for a new nation not to give in to what is actually happening today, That is a division unparallel in our history. Where political parties have only created division instead of a vision where unity rises above a selfish desire for self gain. If we had understood and heeded Washington's warnings in the first place many of our current crisis's would have been avoided. It is as thought our attitude is, what did Washington know, that was over 200 years ago and certainly not relevant for the times of today. In retrospect our founding fathers hit the nail right on the head when they drew up the Bill Of Rights and The Constitution. Unfortunately, today we continue to misinterpret both documents just to satisfy our political wills of the time.

When we see the Supreme court time and time again along with legislatures openly debate issues that are in strict violation of our fundamental individual rights and liberties they continue to bend the bounds of our founding principals. This only creates more antagonism instead of patriotism. Not only that but turns our attention away from what is really going on that will impact every American. A major crisis already in the making that is not only inevitable but imminent is closer than we think.

A crisis that will have far reaching implications. A monetary Armageddon poised to shrink all 401ks and IRA's by more than 50%. Where millions of Americans will plummet into poverty overnight. Think the unemployment figures are already too high, just wait, those numbers will soon skyrocket. On a global scale markets around the world will fall drastically leaving millions the world over so destitute makes the Great Depression look pale in comparison. When this will happen our own government will have no choice but to suspend Social Security payments and every form of governmental assistance will cease immediately. The end result will be a country so unrecognizable leaving the door wide open for rebellion and chaos.

For years now the trust in the United States government has steadily eroded. We are about to lose our most valuable asset. According to many economists around the world have predicted that for the past 30 years America's spiraling debt due to many factors will eventually destroy the United States. Many assert that if we held true to Washington's warnings our debt would have been reigned in and not become an albatross that is now strangling the life blood out of the United States.

A ticking time bomb about to explode? In the global financial world it is trust that governments will actually honor it's commitments and pay it's debts that has enabled the United States to borrow even more money. Even during the 2008 financial debacle the United States was able to borrow trillions of dollars at unbelievable interest rates at less the 1%. It is because of trust in the United States by nations like China that enabled the government to go deeper in debt. However, the United States doesn't and won't have the means to even come close to paying back all that we borrowed. Essentially, we have deceived the world. But, it is the trust we are perceived as, that we do have the capabilities to pay our debts and the fact that the US dollar still is the world's first currency enables our economy to avoid catastrophe. How much longer can we still deceive the world? And, how much longer before tragedy strikes?

It has come to pass that since our currency is still accepted everywhere around the world we have avoided some of the steep inflationary trends that other nations are experiencing but all that is about to end. Not only has our own government deceived the world but the general population of the United States as well. Ever since the early 1970's when President Nixon took the financial markets off the gold standard we have been living off the trust that other nations have in our government that we can meet our financial obligations. But, since then we have been experiencing the greatest decline of middle class incomes and employment opportunities in our nations history. What this means is that there is no possible way that the United States can pay back all that we have borrowed.

This is only part of the quandary facing America today. Document FT-900 the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis official tabloid of economic activity on exports and imports reminds us of how much of what we import and export. It is the governments official international trade document. Where other governments have been scooping up gold bullion the United States has been shedding it's gold reserves. In just 2012 the Unites States exported over $13 billion worth of our own gold reserves. So far we have only continued to eliminate our gold reserves. What is in Fort Knox is a far cry from the days during the years prior to 1973.

Since 1991, the United States has been consistently exporting large quantities of gold. It also is a known fact that the Federal Reserve hasn't had a gold audit since the early 1950's. What also is so alarming is the fact that the supply of gold using data from the Gold Fields Mineral Services from 1991 till today the United States had a total amount of 7,532 tons of gold available. The problem is that the US consumed far more than what we had in reserve. It is this document, FT-000 that shows our government has been exporting massive amounts of gold and at the same time China has increased there supply to back up their currency, the Yen. What this means is that the Federal Reserve, which is a private institution and not a governmental agency, has supplied all the gold the US has exported and not the amount that it claims to have. Another deception that will have immediate repercussions all over the world.

When Nixon took our monetary policy off the gold standard was a mistake of biblical proportions. Compounding this has been current governmental policies, and treaties that have undermined not only the value of the US dollar but our entire economy. With the Federal Reserve in collusion with governmental policies from then on has only intensified the coming monetary collapse of the US dollar. We have to remember that throughout history gold has always flown to where wealth was being created. Today it is in China, India and not the US. We also have to remember what happened to Great Britain when it started selling off it's gold. The country for 200 years was the benchmark for economic power. Their currency was backed up by gold. Up until 1914 Great Britain was on the gold standard. But, when England abandoned the gold standard and started to rely on paper currency, sold over 35% of it's gold that was the end of the British pound as the worlds' reserve currency. This all resulted in that soon afterward Great Britain was flat broke.

They keep say history has a way of repeating. This time the shoe is on the other foot. The United States is facing a very similar reality that Great Britain faced years ago. Sooner than we think the United States with deceptive practices and the culmination of governmental policies that have only escalated a growing financial crisis into a major catastrophe is well on it's way to lay devastation to millions of Americans.

What is so alarming is the fact that in the mid 1970's the United States was still a manufacturing superpower. We had one if not the fastest growing economies and a robust middle class. If this was the way today having no gold reserves wouldn't be much of a problem. But, through disingenuous policies, treaties and the fact that we went off the gold standard in the first place signaled the decline of our whole economy and that essentially gave us the greatest income disparity gap in history to where our national debt today is over $20 trillion. Which by the way is the greatest debt in the history of the world. And, this doesn't even account for our unfunded liabilities which our government keeps off the federal balance sheet. In essence, today the United States really is flat broke. A hard pill to swallow for sure.

The question we all should be asking is there a way to avoid certain disaster? There is, but it is going to take a monumental effort to get legislatures to recognize the current dangers of our monetary and governmental policies of the past 35 years. Only through total reform of governmental agencies and a recommitment to the original concepts that were first outlaid in the Constitution will advert this coming economic Armageddon. For the American citizen to finally achieve the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution starts with implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation. Only then will the United States prevail and ensure the future for generations to come.