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The damage done by not providing closure to a job applicant

Not providing closure to an applicant shows bad customer service.
Not providing closure to an applicant shows bad customer service.
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When someone applies to company for a job that individual strongly desires closure at some point. Yet as strong as this desire may be the applicant knows they hear from the employer on a rare occasion.

"According to our research, approximately 94% of the people who apply for a job don't get closure," John Younger, founder and CEO of Accolo, a cloud recruiting solutions provider told Inc. Magazine. "And we've yet to meet a job seeker, hiring manager, recruiter, or company who feels that figure is off."

The reason for lack of closure offered by employers is a strong indication of a company’s commitment to customer service. When a company is fully focused on both internal and external customers they realize that applicants are also customers deserve the same excellent customer service as others.


The answer is obvious if you have a retail or restaurant operation but can be blurry manufacturing. These applicants are customers into different ways. First, they may be purchasers of the finished product. Second, they could potentially become a buyer for an organization that will buy components made by the manufacturer or they could hold a retail buying position. Whatever the case the lack of closure will result in a negative customer experience that will impact the bottom line the future.

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