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The Dalai Lama has been chosen as one of the world's greatest leaders

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has served as an inspirational force for Tibetans and other Buddhists worldwide for decades. The Tibetan Central Administration reported on March 21, 2014 the Dalai Lama has recently been recognized for his great accomplishments by being rated in the top 10 of Fortune’s "World’s Greatest Leaders" list.

The Dalai Lama is helped on stage before speaking at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Fortune, which is a a leading magazine worldwide, has chosen the Dalai Lama for its list of the world’s 50 greatest leaders. It has been written by Fortune that the Dalai Lama deserves this recognition for his “more than five decades of tireless campaign for peace, nonviolence, democracy, and reconciliation, especially among world religions.” The only other spiritual leader who made it to the top ten in this list is Pope Francis.

Fortune wrote, “Winner of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, the Dalai Lama radiates charisma. As for his influence, just ask those who look for his guidance on Twitter. All 8.6 million of them.” It is of interest to note that Pope Francis ranked first and the Dalai Lama ranked 9th on this list while U.S. President Barack Obama simply didn’t make this year’s list of 50 outstanding individuals who have demonstrated rare leadership qualities. It appears more and more people are searching for more spiritual guidance and less clever politicking in our ever more troubled world.

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