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The Daily Oracle: The Lies & the Truth about Success

It seems at times that media, coaches and spiritual teachers "make it look so easy" to be a creative/leader/healer/teacher entrepreneur that hundreds if not thousands have bought into this idea that IF they take this certification or program that they will be ready to HAVE IT ALL.

Integration takes time. Uncovering wisdom takes time. Be patient. Be diligent. Be devoted. Be passionate and KEEP GOING.

Miracles happen. Doors open AND you want to be ready to walk in and keep moving when you walk through those doors.

And remember sweet one, if it was easy everyone would do it. It seems everyone wants to do it or is in the process of doing it. Yet, courage and pure dedication will soar in the end.

Yes, we can conjure miracles and manifestations and we will also sweat, cry, fear and shake as we create and pour forth our Soul into our creation. I believe that to really succeed we must POUR OUR SOUL INTO OUR CREATIONS.

Remember, all that glitters isn't gold. Don't compare yourself to others and sob into the night. The trips, photo shoots and all you see may not be financed by a successful business.

You may be reading success in these trappings and they are from over sources…and God bless those sources and the person's path. There is a Divine plan for all.

Yet remember to not look at your comrades and feel LESS THAN. YOU may actually have more clients than they do! YOU may actually be very successful of your own accord while they are secretly sobbing that they feel like impostors. So don't hurt over illusions or comparisons. Do not hurt that you "haven't made it yet" and whatever that means to you.

SO focus on YOU, your desire to serve the world and what YOU are bringing and not what someone here or there seems to have manifested or has.

To become what you want to be you must risk what you think you are now.



6/3/14 © Vanessa Codorniu

The Daily Oracle

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