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The Daily Oracle: The Gift of suffering…if you know how to appreciate it

The Gift of suffering…if you know how to appreciate it
The Gift of suffering…if you know how to appreciate it

We've all gone thru hardships, one way or another.
We've risked, won and lost.

We haven't risked and still lost in our desire to cling to a safety that doesn't actually exist in the physical world. We've been betrayed and lied to. We've woken up to find our lives a shattered mess, practically overnight.

I know I have. From people stealing my writing, to my fiancé's betrayal that led me to cancel my wedding at the Spanish Monastery in Miami, to layoffs and break-ups at the worst of times. I’ve had my uterus saved by a doctor whose very team never checked my lab reports…and left me carrying MRSA for three months. Not on purpose of course, but overwork and over scheduling can lead to these huge life and death oversights.

At times, I've given my best and have not been met with the same level of integrity. I've worked to support causes, friends and lovers and been let down by the way they proceeded.

Very painful AND very eye opening.

The GIFT of suffering is that it can prepare you to be unstoppable.

The fact is that while it feels personal, it’s not.
Every betrayal, lack of integrity or foolish action, really says more about the person that perpetrated it rather than about you.

The liar usually lies.
The cheater usually cheats.
The one who wants shortcuts will do anything for them.
The ego pushing everyone out of the spotlight, will usually crumble.
The coward will cower, blame and hide.
The dominator will try to control the situation, even if it is to his/her detriment.
The victim will turn the tables and wail the loudest.

The lover will love.
The giver will give.

The true leader will serve.

How do we become unstoppable in the face of pain, suffering, loss and deception?

I’ve looked at it as situations that had to occur to teach me. Not to close my heart but to be discerning of what and to whom I give.

I’ve looked at the unmasked faces with pain, yes and then deep, knees to the ground gratitude for uncovering the truth.

The more I’ve hurt and retreated to take into account my part in all of it. The stronger I have become. The stronger you can become.

Don’t align yourself with the “F*ck them. I will show them,” attitude, for that takes away your heart and your shrinks the amount of Soul you allow to shine forth in the world.

Step away from the defensive pose after you have reconciled with your tears. Allow yourself to see this from a wider perspective, the bird’s eye view as I call it.

  • How did my amazing Soul & wise God/Universe create this crazy situation for me to learn?
  • How is this teaching me?
  • Did I notice this behavior and wish against it but always sensed it within this person?
  • How can I move forward with them, me and with attracting more supportive people and energies into my life?
  • Is there a belief I need to release so this does not occur again?

One of the most important beliefs I’ve cultivated through my hardships was keeping the faith that this is NOT the way life or the world is.

Behavior that includes lack of integrity and honor in proceedings with others does exist and it’s not a rule that it will always happen. By holding the belief that kindred spirits exist who step up with Light, love and integrity I’ve attracted into my life mind-blowing connections and Soul-soaring exchanges that allow me to be unstoppable.

Let your suffering, sadness and pain fuel your flight.
Let your losses clear out your heart, make way for the glories that are on their way.

Allow yourself to be unstoppable because you’ve faced what you thought would destroy you…and it did not. Remember that those that betray others, betray their Soul the most. Those that lie to others, are lying to themselves and the earth will truly shake for them the day they awaken. Those that connive, manipulate or distort, will only get so far because the fact is, to truly bring your mission forth, you need your Soul's full presence. If the negative karma keeps piling up it becomes like a barred window where the Light might barely get through.

That is their choice, their responsibility. Temporary gain for ego gratification. You are in the long game. You are here to SHINE your LIGHT no matter what.

What you feared did not destroy YOU.

No, what you most feared stripped you down.
And you can be made new in the true embodiment of a service and creativity, love and integrity.

Model what you wish to see in the world by allowing your Soul to step in full on.

You are unstoppable, so please proceed like it.

Loving you,

~vcc ©

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