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The Daily Oracle: Recreating OLD $h%t on Earth School

The Daily Oracle: Recreating OLD $h%t on Earth School
The Daily Oracle: Recreating OLD $h%t on Earth School


Most of us might agree that there is a new time here on Earth School, That there is greater opportunity to step into our callings and missions than at ANY other time in history.

This is an open letter…

Dear Returning Priestess/Priest/Shaman/Healer/Lightworker/Wizard/Healer,

I understand that you are REALLY excited about being back! You were born with a mission and a deep vision for yourself and for the world. I know you have suffered feeling outcasted, feeling weird, different and unloved. You may have doubted your abilities and it's taken your deep strength, dedication and powerful will to overcome all sorts of hardships that these agreements often include. You may have deep memories of being ostracized, killed, maimed and destroyed at other times in history and just as you were healing/teaching and guiding others into more awareness. You probably have gone through serious trauma in this life as well.

Before you get caught up in the "New Hollywood" of the Personal Development/Healing & Coaching world, know that we DO have a chance to REALLY BE the change we wish to see in the world.

This doesn't come from RECREATING hierarchies, homogeny, spiritual elitism or nepotism. The CHANGE we wish to see in the world comes from really being in alignment with our SOUL and inviting diversity, expansion, opposing viewpoints and different styles and spiritual paths.

Before you forget why you are really here…

* Remember that NO ONE has the power to make you or break you.

* You are not here to "learn" what works, take it on so you can "Make it."

* You could get a badass book deal and still disappear after the first book.

* You could never get a book deal and work successfully with thousands upon thousands the world over.

* Remember that the truth always rises, no matter how much you hide it under your shiny charisma or your sexy hair.

* Remember that the higher you rise, the harder you if your empire is built on deception, using others, hurting the naive spiritual brothers and sisters that may have given way too much…it comes back. It does.

* Remember you don't have to twist arms or manipulate people with fear "to sign up or they are not fulfilling their calling/healing." If someone can't join you now because of major issues and you say," well, I guess your business or calling is NOT a priority," this is not in their service…it's in your bank account's service. It is NOT LOVE-BASED, it's FEAR-BASED.

* Try to come from LOVE-based as much as possible. We all screw up. Let's re-center in out blazing HEARTS.

* SEE, look deeply as you share your truths and you build your worlds. Really WALK YOUR TALK in the highest perspective and love possible.

* Remember that true LEADERS know surrender, they court it, the embrace it and their Souls are exhaled within it. To surrender means that you show up and let Spirit fill your vessel.

We can shout from the rooftops that "IT"S OUR TIME!!!" and all the while re-create the conditions that toppled: ROME, ANCIENT EGYPT, MAYANS, AZTECS, ATLANTIS, LEMURIA, MU and many more civilizations, countries, dream projects because of EGO, GREED and a desire to REIGN.

The people might confer the crown. One might steal it, earn it or inherit it. Like the indulgences of the Middle Ages, we cannot buy our way into enlightenment.

The truest gift, the crown of Divine connection and LOVE is not given by the people's vote, certifications accrued or the seemingly high numbers of books sold…

So go do all that!

Go write, speak, guide, teach and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Do it to for highest ability and be honest, have integrity and don't reinstate and recreate the familiar human patterns on Earth School. Be FREAKIN' AMAZING and BRING IN THE GLORIOUS CHANGE!

That Divine connection is between YOU & the DIVINE CREATOR. We are all vessels & servants to the light. Please don't forget that.

It IS OUR TIME an this "POWER OVER" #%^& has go to transform for the safety of the planet and the evolution of humanity.

In passionate transformation & sacred community, Vanessa

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