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The Daily Oracle: It's Our CHOICE

The Daily Oracle: It's your Choice
The Daily Oracle: It's your Choice

Stepped out and had quick lunch. Bumped into a neighbor. He looked terrible. We sat down and I did something I usually never do. I read him. I just couldn't take it to see him so low. He was shaking in fear.

He lost his job. Wasn't telling his family. He was fearing that he was done and would never get a job. In 15 minutes, the man was smiling and feeling lighter.

Bottomline, sh%t will ALWAYS hit the fan.

It's the nature of Earth School. It's easy to cling to what feels "safe" the thing is that nothing is "stable." The nature of life is CHANGE. Even if we are stable internally, we will be in flux and flow, always returning to the core and flowing back out.

The issue becomes," What is this teaching me?"
"What can I do about this?"
" How can I think outside the rules/box so i can THRIVE?"

When you feel closed in and corned. BREATHE.
There is a solution here. There are OPTIONS.

The FIRST ONE is to CHOOSE that you will be alright.


loving you, V

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