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The Daily Oracle: Giving and Getting

The Daily Oracle: Giving and getting
The Daily Oracle: Giving and getting

Many of us think that we are selfless givers…yet we unconsciously expect something in return. Hard not to perhaps. How do we give in a way that is not detrimental to our Souls, minds and bodies?

Mother Teresa said "Give till it hurts." Yet we know intuitively that hurting ourselves in the process in not true giving. It smacks more of martyrdom. As we learn to "own" our gifts and our being in the world we also learn our own self-respect.

How to know then "how" to give?

* Give another because you want to.
* Give because it is a natural extension of feelings, compassion or understanding that needs expression.
* Give because it makes you feel good.
* Give because you want to have someone's back the way they or maybe someone else had it.
* Give because you want to see the joy and light shine in another being supported.
* Give because it feels like love not because you fear not giving.

Don't give out of condescension, arrogance or pity…it does no one any good. Don't give to have ONE up on someone waiting for the day you can cash your card in…

Don't give then turn to say," Look at what I have done for you," out loud and energetically saying, "And you OWE me big time! Start paying me back now!"

Take that in…doesn't feel too good. So don't give if you have that lurking within you.

Don't give if you feel manipulated, threatened, bullied or manipulated into giving.

Most of all give CLEANLY.

Give without attachments or expectations AND IF you have these expectations and expectations…BE CLEAR.

Say, " I am helping you with XYZ and I I want you to help me with XYZ." That in turn is giving bit it is an agreement, an understanding.

Give and KNOW that it will be returned. It may not happen from that particular person or even in the EXACT way that you wanted…it will be returned.

So release expectation on HOW you receive. Release expectation and emotional attachment to what you have given.

When we give from our heart and souls it is freeing and true service to the world.

Know that no good deed goes unseen and that the Universe has magnificent plans for GIVING you what you need!

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”
― Kahlil Gibran

When we give from our heart and souls it is freeing and true service to the world.

~loving you,

vcc 1/30/14

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