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The Daily Oracle: Full Moon in Virgo

The Daily Oracle: FULL MOON in Virgo 3/16/14

Tons of things to cross off my list on this Sunday. I have been moving through them with precision and calm. SO Virgo and so it feels right to get this note down about Full Moon in Virgo!

First off, many have been called to task this past week. If you have been all like " yeah, I'm so relaxed and like everything is flowing" mode of Pisces…this FULL MOON IN VIRGO is turning that kaleidoscope of multi-awareness into singular or pure focus!

What does it all mean? Sun in Pisces invited us to relax or even to let go of some conscious limitations. We have either been chilling with the mermaids or dealing with some unconscious gunk that we cannot even begin to understand sooo…what's a cosmic Soul to do?

TAP into the POWER of the FULL MOon in Virgo!

Full Moons are all about all your ideas, seeds and projects coming to fruition…how have things worked out for you? What works, what doesn't?

The Full MOon shines the full light on you and your world and it's time to really feel the goodness and the shadows because at the end of the day…ALL of it needs to be embraced for you to move into your full power! That means yes, loving even the stuff you are embarrassed about. And did you ever notice, the stuff you feel so self-conscious about isn't even noticed by others! It's all in our minds or hearts for that matter and it's time to release.

So take this FULL power and focus of the moon and join it to Virgo. Virgo is represented by the VIrgin. Traditionally the virgin has been seen as literally "virgin" but what I am talking about here is the metaphysical meaning of Virgin which is "belonging to your SELF." Allow this Full Moon to bring you back to your SELF!

The Virgin is also connected to the vestal virgins and Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. Since we are still experiencing winter in some parts of the world, how can you hone your inner LIGHT? HOw can you tend to your inner flame? your heart? Your home? Whether it's your body or home, allow yourself to really connect and ask," WHat do I need to know right now so I a can be present in my life? WHat do i need to be aware of that I may be avoiding or running from?"

In most nightmares we run from the monsters, the Virgo Moon asks you to face them, for when you pull of the masks…they are aspects of yourself, reflected in another!

Personally, I was faced with some monsters this week and as peered closer..I realized it was TIME, high time, to release some stories I was telling myself!

Remember that what we live may shape us and serve us for our journey but it doesn't need to or should it limit us. The stuff happened and it doesn't mean it's a statement or fact about our inherent lovable SElf <3

Envision what you are wanting to experience. FEEl into what you are wanting to live and KNOW that it's in the works. Your job, if you were to accept is to release, trust and keep allowing yourself to FEEL what you want to feel. NOt what the world says you should feel or mom, or your ex…what YOU, yes YOU want to FEEL.

EMBRACE. FOCUS. ALLOW and CLEANSE mind, body & Spirit…messages from the vestal virgin that wants to bring you home to yourself. WHy is home so important? It's YOU. ALL stems from your core and your home, your vehicle ( your body/mind/spirit.

Allow yourself the clarity you really need to get Spring off to a great start! Equinox is near and people..we are getting reborn! So let's clear the way!!!

Sending HUGE love to you! V

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