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The Daily Oracle: Full MOon in Cancer January 15-16

The Daily Oracle: Full MOon in Cancer
The Daily Oracle: Full MOon in Cancer

Ohhhhh…are you feeling warm & fuzzy? If not, I bet you really need to!

The key words during this glorious Cancer Moon is EMOTIONS and NEEDS. The Full MOon is about bringing things to fruition, it is the fullest power of the moon itself. Mother MOon is fully visible in the sky and she is FULLY herself!

Cancer rules the mother, emotions, women, sisterhood, breasts, nurturing, needs and the nest. SO take time now to access what do you really NEED?

A friend texted me about a situation today where she was getting the shorter end of the stick and I responded: Choose what gives you greater peace. $$&* suffering over not getting what we need! Pain comes with life anyway…why COURT it?

SO look at where you are continuously setting yourself up to get the raw deal ( not the good kind, ok?) Ask for what you NEED and GET IT.

Shame and guilt over "needing" has got to go and the Full MOon is shining Her Light here.

If you don't get what you need in one place, you will get it in another…and the TRUEST truth there is…ya gotta give it to YOURSELF FIRST!

So LOVE yourself up and figure out what you need, Stop compromising and "dealing with the undealable."

Ohhh I'm getting into my mid-day tub before a meeting, why? CUz that's what I need!

And remember, " Make Momma Happy, cuz if Momma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY Happy…so make Momma Happy all the time!"
( Powow Spell- Silver RavenWolf- add Poppa if you'd like!)

Now I'm getting silly..sending you love from my sea salt bath!
Giving in to my inner mermaid

NURTURE THYSELF says the Great Mother today! and…EVERYDAY!

blessed be,

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