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The Daily Oracle: Beware the Pushy Healer

 Beware the Pushy Healer
Beware the Pushy Healer

There is a difference between becoming attuned to reiki and being SO excited…that you want to share with EVERYONE!!!

Or discovering that you are highly intuitive and that you want to support your friends and family with what you see and feel.

There is a difference between these two examples and the person that is always trying to lay hands on you as you are sharing feelings, or pushing their modality "as your ONLY way to heal" or always pushing their energy work or psychic impressions on the group/family or situation.

To add insult to energetic pressure, some of these overzealous souls then get mad or take it personally leaving the person who said no feeling unsettled.

I know what it's like to see and know and want to help AND to want to share new modalities. I do not believe in PUSHING a healing, a laying on of hands, a hypnosis, past life regression or mediumship experience…

It is an affront to a person's Soul to push and push…even IF you think you know better…let their mind/body and spirit decide. In the end it is our choice as to HOW we heal, when, where and if we heal.

According to Soul Sources, kids, we got eternity. Of course living this life fully gives us a sense of immediacy and desire for present life healing.

Pushing a healing can be insulting in other ways...

NO ONE is the only way. For God's sake, we have created religions upon religions and the faces of God/Goddess/Great Spirit are vast…

So why, oh WHY would a mere human, be the only way? They aren't. They are in full throttle ego as they push a PEACE/LOVE & HEALING AGENDA.
They've taken all the ego issues and placed a coat of spirituality fast food on it.

The way I have trained and facilitate to train others is that we are the VESSELS. We, each and everyone of us has the capacity to heal, support and expand another's energies with our mere PRESENCE.

Healing occurs as a sacred trinity is created, healer, healee and the divine. As the vessel we are to be respectful and understand our divine sovereignty and our Divine support.

So say no to the pushy healer and thank them. Say, " I appreciate that you want to support me and I will reach out to you when and if I choose to go this route. Thank you."

Their over-insistence is teaching you to tell your truth, hold up your boundaries and TRUST your own intuition on the matter of your own healing and expansion…and in the end, isn't that the point?

NOT grand pubba Healers lording it around others instead a planet full of healing healers joyously creating a new paradigm from the Soul?

That's the memo I got!

in sacred community & passionate transformation,

~vcc 4/7/14

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