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The Daily Oracle: Awakening

The Daily Oracle: Awakening
The Daily Oracle: Awakening

Some were born awake.
Bided their time as they gathered their re-membering.
Others in deep sleep.
Awake Ones guide the sleepy-eyed and the recently awakened remind the teachers. We are all ONE.

We are all always awakening. Be mindful not to use "spirituality" or "enlightenment" as yet another tool or vehicle for condescension, judgment and fear.

Being Awake we see that all unfolds as it needs to. There is a place for all of us in this Universe that is more populated than its 7 billion and counting.

Awaken to your own uniqueness AND to the understanding that we are interconnected. SHINE your Light and re-member that it is in service of ALL LIGHT. EVERYWHERE.

loving you,

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