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The CW has renewed 'The Originals' for season two

Last week The CW announced that they would be renewing their newest show, "The Originals" for a second season.

The CW has renewed 'The Originals' for season two
The CW

The CW President Mark Pedowitz said in a statement that "This season we’ve had great success with our new hit series The Originals paired with Supernatural, giving us our best Tuesday nights in years.”

"The Originals" tells the story of the Original vampires as they take back New Orleans and clean up the town of witches and werwolves. Klaus, Rebekkah, and Elijah, the original vampires of all time. They were birthed by a mother that was a witch and wanted her children to live forever. She cursed them and then their father began to hunt them as the "monsters" that they are. Klaus was the most hated and abused because he was not the "fathers" son. In reality he is part vampire and part werewolf, the first hybrid.

They have lived thousands of years and have gained and lost power. They return to New Orleans because Haley, a one night stand of Klaus, is kidnapped by the witches after they find out she is pregnant and the child is the key to everything, it seems like. And as they continue to stay in New Orleans then begin to bash heads with the current head of the vampires, Marcel, who happens to be sired by Klaus.

This first season has introduced so many characters including two clans of werewolves, the new witches and the old ones, the vampires, the Originals and of course humans. The show never seems to slow down nor is short of surprises.

"The Originals" airs on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST before the hit show " Supernatural".

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