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The customer service week that was – 14-07-06

What has happened in the customer service industry in the week ending July 6, 2014 and what people are talking about.

The Happenings

Cognia and Semafone partner to take secure contact center payment solutions to a global market -- By combining the skills and technology of Cognia and Semafone, a new solution will be available to the market that will allow contact center agents to take customer card payments in line with international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) without the substantial compliance and security costs, and operational limitations associated with traditional approaches such as pause-and-resume recording.

Aspect Software Announces Collaboration With ComSys for Integration of Aspect Unified IP and Leading CRM Systems -- Collaboration enables real-time interoperability between Unified IP and leading CRM applications such as Siebel, PeopleSoft, Salesforce and SAP, Joint solution creates integrated agent experience resulting in improved customer experiences, Streamlined interface provides full multichannel CTI functionality to CRM users through the Aspect Unified IP platform

QPharma Unveils Aggregate Spend Call Center Solution -- The call center solution will serve as an information resource for healthcare practitioners who have questions and concerns about reported transactions. QPharma’s compliance subject matter experts will speak directly with covered recipients and clarify questions regarding the regulations, as well as investigate and resolve any reportable spend queries they may have.

The Talk

Can You Improve The Customer Experience Without Spending A Fortune On Information Technology? “Gap ended up the winner simply because it did the basics of clothes retailing right: store design (size-layout-signposting), the right product, ability to trial the product, good customer service, and pricing that is in tune with product quality and customer expectations.” – Customer and Leadership Blog, Maz Iqbal

Will Your Company Be a Leader of the Customer-Service Revolution? “Last year's Customers 2020 report by Walker Information revealed a startling prediction: By 2020, customer service -- not price or product -- will be the key factor consumers will use make brand-loyalty decisions.” -- Entrepreneur, Eric McKirdy

Forget Customer Service, Think Customer Wowing "Yet there are so many opportunities to convert a one-time buyer into a life-long customer by creating an environment that eats, sleeps and breathes service. To do this, though, you must go well beyond expectations." -- Entrepreneur, Adam Callinan

The Contact Center Revolution "While the benefits of the cloud are obvious, figuring out the logistics is less clear." -- Destination CRM, Robert Killory

The Future of Government Call Center as a Hub for Public Information and Service “With an annual budget of approximately 19 million USD, the center answers about 33,000 calls a day. They can communicate in sign language (through video chatting), in 5 foreign languages, through text-messages, social networks, and smartphone apps. They also make two to three calls a week to senior citizens (who live alone) to ensure their well-being.” – Brookings, Michael J. Ahn

Being Easy to Do Business With Is Good Customer Service "All Victor wanted to do is watch the hockey game. It was the final game of the Stanley Cup and he knew it was being televised on a major network. He rushed home to watch the last part of the game, but couldn’t find it. He went to the 'guide' that the cable company provided on screen and it wasn’t there." --, Shep Hyken