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The cure for gel nail polish? Try peptide polish from Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Peptide-infused nail color shades from Dermelect
Peptide-infused nail color shades from Dermelect
Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Ok, admit it. You were swept away by the gel nail polish craze thinking that you'd finally have a manicure that would last seemingly forever. And, you did. However, then came the moment in truth when you had to remove the gel mani. If you weren't already a fake nail type (aka tips, acrylics) you were in for a rude awakening when, possibly after even your first time with gel nails, your nails seemed shot. Dry. Brittle, Damaged. Earlier on in the gel nail trend, dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor, who I had the pleasure of interviewing a number of years ago, even highlighted the downside of gel nails; bottom line, they may do as much harm as good.

Got to be a better way, right?

Enter Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ME Peptide-Infused Nail Color Treatments. Peptides have taken their turn in skin care, but now, Dermelect has infused its line of nail color with them. It's a first, and it may be just what your post-gel nails need. According to Dermelect, ME nail color is a patent-pending formula "infused with ProSina, a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool".

Sounds strange, but here's how they say it works: the peptide ingredient is extracted from wool in a gentle yet powerful process keeping the protein intact maintaining its potency without damaging the amino acids that make it up. The integrity of the extracted peptide (keratin protein) is in a near-perfect state yielding unprecedented age-defying, strengthening and softening properties for the nails and hands.

The result is a fast-drying, high gloss shine that provides strength to nails and encourages them to grow longer and more resistant to chipping, peeling and splitting.

Dermelect goes as far as to call their ME nail color the "cure" in "manicure" (which we'll forgive them for)--but in addition to the peptide-infused formula, ME nail color has other benefits: water and detergent resistant, UV protection, DBP-free, Toluene-free, Formaldehyde-free, and...even cruelty-free with no animal testing ("ever!").

The Dermelect ME nail shade palette appears small at first if you're used to the how-many-iterations-of-pink-can-we-make line of Essie nail color (Ballet Slippers, Sheer Bliss, Starter Wife, Sugar Daddy, Pink-a-Boo...and on), but the 29-shade line covers pretty much every whim and season your nails will go through.

Dermelect ME Peptide-Infused Nail Color Treatment comes in at a slightly higher range--$12-$14 retail--but when you consider that Chanel Nail Colour is retailing for $27, well...

So the only question is where to buy it? There's always online at, but word's just come in via Beauty Specialty Group CEO Sonia Summers that Dermelect ME Nail Color will now be available at Ulta online and in stores nationwide.

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