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The Cultures of Montreal

The City of Montreal
The City of Montreal

Montreal is easily one of Canada's most multicultural cities. It was named 'Canada's Cultural Capital' by Monocle Magazine. During the very early stages of Canada's development all those years ago, many cultures arrived into Canada. Most of these immigrants arriving from Europe from countries such as, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom have brought their culture to Canada and especially Montreal. The city openly accepts all the cultures and almost every culture has its own district, so to say, in the city. An example of this is Chinatown or Little Italy. Both of the districts are absolutely gorgeous and only add bits to what make Montreal Canada's cultural capital.

Art is and has always been important in Montreal. Montreal has art ranging from performance art such as Le Cirque Du Soleil, to paintings displayed at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Les Place des Arts in Montreal is a complex used a lot during summer festivals. Performances, plays, ect. can be seen here. Whether it be French or English music, Montreal loves having artists of any nationality, any other language speaking individual in the city doing what the love. Many concerts are held in Montreal. Whether they be at smaller venues such as the Molson Centre, or large artists performing at the Centre Bell. Montreal also hosts large, very popular music festivals during the summer. Such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Osheaga and so much more.

As Montreal is found the the largest French speaking regions in the Western world outside of France, Francophones and the French language are very important. French is the primary language in Quebec so do not be alarmed to see a sign written in French and no English translation. Let's not discuss Quebec politics as they are an absolute mess. The city is home to French radio and television stations, films ect. The city is also a major hub for Anglophones in Canada and the province. McGill university is one of Canada's largest and most popular universities. It is considered as Canada's Harvard. It is an English university that is open to the public and offers many different programs. I personally hope to one day attend this university.

Since Canada was founded based off of Catholicism and Protestantism, religion was a large part of society. Although religion is not as active in our lives as it used to be hundreds of years ago, the many large, unique and beautiful churches and cathedrals built in the city still stand today and are worth visiting. Saints Joseph's Oratory is Canada's largest church and one of the most beautiful and stunning. There are so many other churches and basilicas to visit and experience that the list could go on and on.

Montreal is a city worth the money. The city has so much to experience. It is like seeing the entire world, or a few major parts of it, all in one city. The city is very open-minded and embracing. They have accepted and will continue to accept those of any culture and welcome them with open arms. From the city's churches to the city's nightlife, a visit to Montreal would be a family vacation to remember.