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The culture of healthcare in America

Alright, roll out the universal healthcare plan then America, join the ranks of all the other great nations, literally great nations, that provide healthcare to all its citizens. That's the spirit, that a boy, way to lead by example, if in fact our nation is to be broadcast annually as the greatest nation on God's green earth. This has been the tone and the rhetoric for most Americans, especially those deeply rooted into politics, our average politicians who practices the patriotic slogans that help get most politicians elected into our nation's and state capitals. The back and forth over the healthcare act or Obamacare as so many proponents have labeled it, has been a valid initiative for years and as Congress and God was to have it, the Bill became law. A massive accomplishment for any administration and a legacy that should implant any president on Mount Rushmore. It makes all the sense in the world, why it was so important to see the failure of the instituting of the Healthcare Act, in that it brings political and American glory for the individual or individuals behind its development.

Healthcare is finally a reality in America
Healthcare is finally a reality in America
Healthcare is finally here

Enough with the politics, the plan works and this is why you see so many Americans now enrolling into the Healthcare Act and now records have shown a instantaneous growth like no other. In establishing this great nation, it should have been instituted into the constitution, made law then, that all Americans since they are created equal, should be provided universal healthcare by their nation, in that this is the richest nation in the world. Not saying that it should be a hand out but it should be provided in that just as the American government ask its citizens to pay taxes, the citizens should ask its government to take care one's healthcare expenses, making it affordable. Fair trade right, well most agree it is. Although JFK said, "ask not what your country can do for you", we Americans are asking that our nation take care of our healthcare benefits. It is not fair for our nation to continuously ask us to pay income tax, sales tax, etc. and we have to come out of pockets to pay health insurance. It is wrong and we the American people, thank this administration for making the change in the healthcare system evident.