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The cult tv series, 'Twin Peaks' turns 24 today

Screenshot of main title card from Twin Peaks.
Screenshot of main title card from Twin Peaks.

On this day in 1990, David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult series, "Twin Peaks" first aired. It has been 24 years since then, and still to this day "Twin Peaks" is a cult favorite for many. The show only lasted for two seasons, but that never stopped fans from still loving the show and for new fans coming out of the woodwork.

The show asked the viewers, who killed homecoming queen Laura Palmer?

The pilot episode actually got on TV Guide's 1997 list "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time." It was number 25 on that list, which next year "Twin Peaks," will be celebrating the big 25!

The show starred Kyle MacLachlan, Warren Frost, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joan Chen, Jack Nance, Sherilynn Fenn, and the cast goes on with other famous names! The series even produced a movie, which was called "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me."

Since it's their birthday, fans and new fans can stream the series at these places:

For those who want to buy it:

So today come back home to Twin Peaks, population 51,201!

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