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The Cucumber Series: Three

This is about the size the cucumber going into the blender should be. Just 1 is need.
This is about the size the cucumber going into the blender should be. Just 1 is need.
Food Allergy Gal

This is the 3rd article of "The Cucumber Series."

Part 3 of The Cucumber Series
Food Allergy Gal, Lara Holland

If you missed the previous 2 articles, let's recap: Cucumbers are considered a superfood. They provide our bodies with a great deal of love by fighting off cancer, providing energy boosts, hydration, healthy digestion, weight control, and positive joint health.

We can talk about cucumbers until we turn green, but if we don't know how to incorporate them into our daily lives by eating them, they won't help at all.

In this 10 day series we give 10 great ways to eat cucumbers morning, noon, or night.

Day 3:

Good Morning, "Super Hero Cucumber!" Get your blender out, it's gonna be a fun morning.

(Tip: Alway wash your fruits & veggies, even if they are organic, they've been handled)

  1. Cut a whole cucumber (skin on) into big quarters, place in blender
  2. Cut the stems off 7 strawberries, place into blender (Allergic to strawberries? No problem. Sub with 1/2 cup of cut pears/apples)
  3. Add 1/2 cup of blueberries to blender
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped mint to blender
  5. Add 1 tablespoon of honey or 100% pure maple syrup (local honey is great because it helps fight environmental allergic reactions. Plus, it's soothing to digestive system)
  6. Add 6 ice cubes to blender
  7. Fill the blender with cold water (with all ingredients in it)

Blend this nourishing superfood together for a few minutes. Pour some into your "on the road" cup & you're good to go. In a few hours, when you are still feeling clean, refreshed, energized and maybe even a little "WOW." It's okay, it's just the "cucumber love" working.

Want the kids to like it? Tell them cucumbers are little super heroes for our bodies (because they are). If we drink this smoothie, we will have super powers all day (because we will).

Stay tuned for the next "Cucumber Series" article. Did you try these recipes? If so, leave a comment here or send Food Allergy Gal a social media shout out on Facebook or Twitter.

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