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The Cucumber Series: Six

The Cucumber Cup can become a cocktail, dessert, breakfast or power snack
The Cucumber Cup can become a cocktail, dessert, breakfast or power snack
Food Allergy Gal

It's day 6 of The Cucumber Series. I find myself walking around with a fresh cucumber taste constantly. I've just noticed I've felt ridiculously energized yet calm not jittery. My skin is well hydrated, I'm glowing with no makeup on and I am warding off a sickness that is all around me.

Eating, sleeping and breathing new cucumber inventions has had some positive benefits. I believe I might be crushing on Superhero Cucumber, a little.

Today's cucumber chronicle is simple yet rather complex tasting. You'll have it made and eaten in under 10 minutes and you may even want seconds.

Day 6: Cucumber Cup Cocktail (100% edible, 100% non alcoholic, unless you add the flare of cucumber or pineapple vodka to it. Use at your own risk and discretion.)

  • 1/4 large, long cucumber (hothouse cucumber featured)
  • 1 slice of fresh cut pineapple
  • Sprinkle of mint
  • Hint of brown sugar (optional)
  • Light sprinkle of cayenne pepper
  • Little splash of watermelon balsamic vinegar (or brown vinegar of choice)

First slice 1/4 of a long cucumber off, Cut a small piece off the bottom of the cumber so it stands up by itself. Next with a very sharp, small knife, carefully cut out the inside of the cucumber abut 3/4 of the way down. Set the insides to the side. Cut slice of fresh pineapple into very small, thin chunks. Stuff cucumber with pineapple & remaining cucumber insides. Really stuff it in the cucumber so the juices come out of the pineapple, until it can't be stuffed anymore. Sprinkle a tiny bit of mint & cayenne pepper on top. Add a few little tiny crystals of sugar. Use a drop of watermelon balsamic to top it off.

This is 100% edible. You can drink it, eat it, scoop it out, bite into it or enjoy it however you want.

If you have tried any of these recipes, please leave a comment via Examiner below or connect on social media with Food Allergy Gal. Share what you think. (You don't have to be nice, just be honest).

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