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The Cucumber Series: Seven

I may have an addiction now. Yesterday I found myself making cucumber aqua fresca smoothie (day 3) while, eating plain, raw cucumber slices (day 1) and inventing yesterday's cucumber cup cocktail (day 6). I kept going back for shots of the "superhero cucumber aqua fresca" throughout the day.

Start with 1 large glass
Food Allergy Gal

The colder it got in the refrigerator, the more times I poured it over ice in small glasses, the more delicious it got.

I literally downed 7 glasses, like an alcoholic drinking whiskey, making the "ahhh ya, that's the stuff" sound effect after I was finished, followed by slamming down the glass on the kitchen island, "Give me another." I might be in "cucumber rehab" soon.

Day 7: "Cucucumberint"

This morning I woke craving mint & cucumber. When the clock struck noon, I went for it- (playing the saying, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere." in my head)

Stuff the cucumber & mint into the bottom of the glass. Next, fill the glass with ice until it thoroughly muddles the cucumber and mint, then add water. It's that simple & easy to get a good cucumber love fix.

Morning or afternoon, the "Cucumberint" cocktail keeps us going, helping with joint/ muscle aches, hydrates, restores skin to remove wrinkles, helps get rid of acne and provides energy. (After yesterday's cucumber overload, I now caution not indulge in too much cucumber love, too late in the day, #upallnight.)

*Challenge: Replace 1 cup of coffee, 1 juice box, 1 soda, 1 alcoholic beverage a day with "Cucumberint."

Message Food Allergy Gal, if your life looks any differently in 6 days! Double Dare you! Comment- "Challenge Accepted", if you do.

I'm not done today with cucumber love... so you may get a 7.2 cucumber chronicle. Come join the #cucumber conversation with Food Allergy Gal on social media.

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