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The Cucumber Series: One

10 days, 10 ways to use and eat cucumber, a superfood
Food Allergy Gal, Lara Holland

10 ways to use cucumber

Cucumbers are considered a “SuperFood,” because they are one of the best foods for overall health. (According to NaturalNews) Cucumbers fight cancer, provides energy, hydrates the body, is an anti-inflammatory for skin, can prevent a hangover, aids in good digestion (+ weight loss), and promotes good joint health.

Because they are a neutral food, most people won’t have a food allergy to them. We try to incorporate and focus on foods we can eat. There are many varieties of cucumbers so you can choose. Each will have a little different flavor profile.

Today we focus on simple easy steps to get some "cucumber love" to your body. We start out very simple then go really "foodie" on you.

Day One:

Cut cucumbers into round circles and eat them (just like that- bam it’s a simple snack). You pack these in a plastic baggie or glass tupperware dish and take with you on the road. They are best served at room temp or cold.

Every day for the next 10 days, get the next great idea for how to use and eat cucumber. Subscribe on this page, Follow or Like Food Allergy Gal social media sites, to get the next 10 days of "cucumber love", in The Cucumber Series.

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