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The Cucumber Series: Five

Easy to make, eat and enjoy a Cucumber Toastie.
Easy to make, eat and enjoy a Cucumber Toastie.
Lara Holland, Food Allergy Gal

How many of us are really, truly thankful for food?!

It's 10 AM in Atlanta, GA on a Sunday morning. I find myself getting that "hungry" feeling.

This morning, I bite into a cucumber-avocado toast bite, I've just made. I literally thank God for what I can eat which today is wheat, avocado, cucumber, salt and pepper. I savor every bite as though it may be my last, due to food allergy reactions gone crazy in adult life.

If you gave me this meal for breakfast 12 years ago, I probably would have thought, "Oh boy, here we go again with some hippy, vegan health food crap. Where is the bacon, cheese eggs , grits & toast?" However, due to late onset food allergies and already being a food enthusiast, this chef has to invent some pretty creative breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners and dessert choices.

I have had to eat plenty of raw fruits & veggies in my life, because I was raised in the produce business and we were poor. Raw Okra, strawberries and whatever else was in massive stock or not too expensive, at the produce stand, is was what I ate. As an adult (pre-food allergies), I enjoyed having the luxury of warm, hearty meals then wallowing in my food coma until 2 pm on a Sunday. I took fresh, farm food for granted, because it was plentiful in my life.

So today, not only do I celebrate Superhero Cucumber & Avocado, for their many health benefits, but I am also grateful I can still eat this. I get to share it with you now.

Day 5:

If you followed yesterday's recipe, you are just using the other half of the ingredients, plus some bread. Waste not.

  • 1/2 small cucumber
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 pieces of safe bread (if you don't have food allergies: Get a fresh french bread or sourdough from a local bakery)
  • Black Pepper or a hint of cayenne to taste
  • Optional: Salt to taste
  • Optional: "safe butter" (like soy free earth balance), real butter or Olive Oil (whatever your body can handle)

First, toast bread. Then, "safe butter" (Soy Free Earth Balance, in a red container) up the bread. With a knife, carve out the avocado and spread it onto the toast. Next, put a row of sliced cucumber. Then add a little pepper (and salt) Go back and add in more avocado in between the cucumber. Then add another layer of cucumber and avocado until it's all used. Presto, a "Cucumber Avocado Toastie."

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