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The Crying White Lady of Marshall, Texas

The Crying White Lady of Marshall, Texas/photo by languitar/
    The Crying White Lady of Marshall, Texas

Are there ghosts in Marshall? Many agree there is something paranormal going on there, particularly at the front entrance of Wiley College where spirits gather. The story many are most interested in has to do with the Lady in White (or Crying White Lady) who is believed to be the spirit of a woman named Maria or perhaps this is the spirit of a Confederate widow There are plenty of similarities between the two. It's anybody's guess as to who she is.

Maria's Story:

Maria married a handsome man and together they had three children - two boys and a girl. Either Maria's husband went to work in another town and came home to visit the children with another woman on his arm or he was catting around with other women from town. Irregardless, he was seeing one woman in particular and decided that he wanted to marry her. Soon after the children met the woman, Maria flew into a fit of rage. She took their children and drowned them all. Snapping-to and tormented by what she had done, Maria took her own life. The following day, a man found her body and the towns people buried her.

Following the funeral in the dead of night, people could hear a disembodied voice crying out for her children.

The Confederate Widow:

The Crying White Lady could also be the spirit of a Confederate widow (story also has it that she may have been a Confederate nurse) who moved to Marshall with her children - you guessed it, two boys and a girl. Depressed, she drowned her children then herself in the Sabine River.

According to my research, she may be buried in Greenwood Cemetery. A search for graves dating back to the 1860's yielded no females buried during that time.

Regardless of the story, people in Marshall have seen the Crying White Lady on many occasions and is known for leading people to the locations of those who have passed away. If you see her three times in a year, they say you will die the next year. Sort of a creepy thought.

A photo of the Crying White Lady can be viewed at the Haunted America Tours website. The image, taken by Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, was captured at the entrance to Wiley College and is quite compelling.

Donna Allen is the 6th Great Granddaughter of Peter Whetstone, founder of Marshall, Texas.

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  • Sherri Thornhill-Generation X Examiner 5 years ago

    Ghosts scare me Donna!lol Nice job on the article!

  • Donna Allen-N. Texas Ghost Hunting Examiner 5 years ago

    Hey Sherri, this one isn't too far from you! LOL!

  • CJMathis-Portland-Getaways-Examiner 5 years ago

    Nice job on this article I would love to see this ghost I love researching and checking out places that are haunted etc.

  • Emylou Lewis 5 years ago

    I am with Sherri!

    Third culture kids examiner
    Seattle stay-at-home moms examiner

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i dont belive this stuff

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    yes there are ghost in marshall texas but if you dont no where the crying lady is you are a fake

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