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The crusade against the Federal Reserve is worthless

Federal Reserve replacements
Federal Reserve replacementsFederal Reserve replacements

If you can believe that the dollar will last forever as the world currency then it may be worth dismantling the Federal Reserve. The reality is that when the dollar is replaced as the world currency and that will occur in the near future, then the international bankers who control the Federal Reserve will abandoned it and leave us with its ruins. These international bankers have long controlled the organizations that will introduce the new world currency such as the BIS and the IMF with the sponsorship of the UN.

Although Ron Paul should be admired for having tried to warn us and reign over the Federal Reserve for decades, in reality that show is about over and the perpetrators who have ruined our nation will be out of the reach of our legal system which gradually has been put in the hands of the United Nations. The crusade against the Federal Reserve is one hundred years too late. The American people arrived for this show at closing time.