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The cruel party

One soldier
One soldier
Photo by U.S. Army/Getty Images

Just when you think you’ve seen the depths of cruelty the Republican Party is capable of, they descend to depths yet unimagined. And the party who spent years allegedly “supporting our troops” (which has always been a lie) is now furious that an American prisoner of war has been brought home.

Last weekend, President Obama announced that Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the only remaining U.S. POW held by the Taliban, had been exchanged for five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. This was not something done out of the clear blue sky. Efforts to rescue Bergdahl go back almost to when he was first captured five years ago. The negotiation that brought about his release took over a year.

Numerous members of Congress…many, if not most of them, Republicans…urged the administration to do everything it could to see that Bergdahl was released. Some…are you listening, little Johnny McCain…even said they would favor the sort of deal that was eventually made for his release. And when news came that he had been freed, many Republicans…along with most of the nation…applauded the rescue of America’s last POW.

Then they remembered it had been accomplished by the black President with the funny name.

Everything changed. Suddenly this was the worst deal that ever could have been made. How dare the administration exchange five high level “terrorists”…ignore the fact that the five were classified as enemy combatants who would have been released with the end of U.S. combat operations at the end of the year, anyway…for one lonely sergeant? How dare the administration endanger our security that way? Statements of support were withdrawn, tweets praising Sergeant Berdahl’s release were deleted. And Little Johnny McCain was outraged…outraged, do you hear…that videotape was being played suggesting he was for the deal before he was against it.

But they don’t stop there. It wasn’t enough to attack the President or the deal. It wasn’t enough to suggest that America’s security had been put at risk nor suggest that the law had been broken, that the President had committed an impeachable offense. No, none of this enough. The R’s came up with an even more insidious line of attack.

Sergeant Bergdahl didn't deserve to be rescued.

Republican operatives managed to dig up several soldiers and ex-soldiers who allegedly served with Sergeant Bergdahl. And these men essentially accused him of deserting his post. They, of course, offered no concrete evidence of their charges, but every cable news channel…led, of course, by Faux Noise…put them on the air anyway, barely questioning their tales. When presented with evidence that contradicted one of them, he suggested that his memory was correct and the written record must have been altered. In any event, Bowe Bergdahl deserved his fate and shouldn’t have been rescued.

The Republicans have done everything they could to damage President Obama since he was elected. They could be called many things…radical, obstructionist, what have you. Now they have taken it into their heads to blacken the name of a soldier who served his country and paid with five years of his life in captivity...all to damage the black man who sits in the White House. They are no longer a loyal honorable oppostition..

Now they are simply despicable.

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