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The Crow

Victims...aren't we all.
Victims...aren't we all.

In 1994, Brandon Lee portrayed the Eric Draven in the cult classic The Crow. Lee was accidentally shot on set and the film had to be changed from what was originally intended.

Now, Stephen Norrington, the man behind Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, has been tabbed to direct the film while musician Nick Cave is writing the script. It is said that this film will differ greatly from the original and be more like the graphic novel on which it is based. The film will probably focus more on the characters psychological torment and need for revenge than on the originals love arc.

The latest news has it that Mark Wahlberg has been tabbed to star in the film. Not sure whether he is right for the role or not. He has been struggling as of late and really does not feel as though he could pull of the dark edge that this character needs. He failed miserably when he portrayed Max Payne, who is a similar character.


  • TheBaker 4 years ago

    As soon as I read "Mark Wahlberg" I immediately thought of Max Payne. Looks like you did too! Hope they get someone else.