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The crisis in Iraq: What you need to know

The ISIS is now attacking Baquba about 37 miles away from Baghdad. They were terrifying the national army last week, and the three regular divisions simply collapsed as ISIS advanced its move.

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Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
The ISIS is now attacking Baquba about 37 miles away from Baghdad.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

ISIS is hugely rich because of its capture of the Iraqi city of Mosul possibly brought in an extra two billion dollars to its funds and they are viciously brutal.

The fighting in Baquba may have changed its fighting tactics. The forces which seem to have pushed the ISIS fighters out of the town center are partly composed of enthusiastic Shia volunteers who have been rushing to attack their Sunni enemies.

Bullets and pistols have tripled its price in Baghdad, and people are scared to buy a Kalashnikov. However, this is not because its citizens wanted to arm themselves against the ISIS, due to huge demand from the Shia volunteers.

Consequently, the ISIS is getting close to its objective to take Sunni Iraq. There are two big Sunni suburbs on the edge of Baghdad, Amiriya and Khadra, which may soon cause a problem to the Iraqi government. However, the city itself is predominantly Shia.

It is hard to fathom that this organization of fewer than 10,000 fighters may be able to capture Baghdad in its entirety that would mean a total collapse on Shia Iraqis’ morale. This is unimaginable accomplishment on the part of ISIS. Horrific photos were posted on Twitter and the web.

This is likely an ethnic cleansing: ISIS regards Shias as heretics who needs to be wiped out. No mercy can be expected from this organization as they crucify its victims or using their heads as a football.

Eventually, there is another factor that could save Iraq through international help. The 275 military personnel, as the U.S. government says, are coming to Baghdad.

Iran has sent a general from the elite al-Quds force of its Revolutionary Guards to advise on the defense of Baghdad.

Brig Gen Qasem Soleimani is a symbol of Iran’s determination to preserve its huge influence over Iraqi government.

Western diplomats blame many of the current problems that have created between Sunnis and Shias due to Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s willingness to follow Iran’s demands.

The statement made between the White House and the British Foreign Office, who would cautiously allow Iran from the cold, so it can play a minor role in this crisis.

In fact, they are simply acknowledging that Iran is the sole external power, if and when go badly wrong, can save Iraq. Neither Britain nor the U.S. will intervene here seriously.

Year-ago today, people here believed that Iraq would probably hold together as a unified nation. The Kurdish northeast was thinking that they are independent. However, it still accepted that it should remain a part of Iraq.

Sunnis increasingly disliked to be ruling by Shia politicians, but even so, the balance seems to lie on staying inside Iraq.

At this moment, the action made by ISIS, standing the border with Syria, has changed its game plan.

Many Sunnis’s conservatives ones who started turning against al-Qaeda eight years ago, and enabled the U.S. forces to leave Iraq, what it appeared at the time, the right decision, while ISIS was not happy because they should have controlled of its towns and villages.

However, the danger of the present retaliation by Shia volunteers they would victimize ordinary Sunnis and appear that ISIS is the only group that can protect them.

These clashes could create a potential religious war that would possibly turn into a mass “cleansing” of civilians on a large scale.

This present turmoil, if not ended quickly, can cause havoc and hostility to its citizens.

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