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The Crimea Goes Home

The Crimea Goes Home
The Crimea Goes Home

The Russian Federation acknowledging the 97% of the vote leaning toward reunification with Russia, the Crimea is now back home. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday speaking before a crowd of dignitaries welcomed home its neighbor the Crimea. Sometimes with a tear in his eye he spoke of how he had righted a wrong. He spoke of how the Crimea had been given away those many years ago to the Ukraine by then President Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. Putin spoke of how, since 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, that his country has endured the humiliation of the west, when NATO had put troops on the borders of Russia. The Russian Federation would complain that they were always told that it was none of their business. This time it was their business. Russia has taken the first step and will not back down.

Putin spoke of how this was all done without firing a shot. Unfortunately, a few hours later Ukrainian troops and Russian troops fired upon each other at a military base in the Crimea.

Ukrainian President Arseniy Yatsenyuk spoke yesterday saying that this has all passed from a political to a military action between Russia. Which I guess means that the talking is now over and the Ukraine is going to fight for everything else.

The European Union and the Americans have raised sanctions against certain individuals involved in the Crimean annexation. The G8, well now the G7, are going to hold meetings soon concerning all that has happened in the past month. Russia will not be getting an invitation to the party.

Putin has taken a risk with the Crimea and now waits for time to tell whether the risk was worth it. For the Russians in the Crimea and the Russian Federation this reunification is a joyous time. How long the party lasts is up to the world and just how much we actually care about it all. Putin is betting that something else will pop up to take our minds off of the Crimea. You know the world, we can be so fickle at times.