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The Cricut: Making Scrapbooking Easier

If there is one essential tool to help in your scrapbooking it is the Cricut by Provo Craft. The Cricut is a personal electronic cutter that makes amazing creative projects for your crafting purposes. This tool is a stand alone machine and does not require a computer. You plug in a cartridge into the Cricut and put a keyboard cover onto the keypad. Each keyboard cover is customized to the corresponding cartridge. On the Cricut website there is an introductory video that will get you started.

The Cricut has a couple different products. The first being the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter. This tool cuts in 12 different sizes from 1” to 5 ½ “. This machine cuts on a 6” x 12” mat. It weighs 7 lbs and comes with the George Basic Shapes cartridge which has lots of great shapes on it.

The Cricut Create is the step up from the Personal Electronic Cutter. It is the same size as the above but has more cut sizes from ¼” up to 11 ½ “. There are also several different modes on this unit such as portrait cut, center point function, and flip function just to name a few. The Don Juan cartridge is included with this machine.

The Cricut Create is the machine with the most features and abilities in this line. This machine cuts on a 12” x 12” or a 12” x 24” mat. This allows you to create die cuts in a larger format for home décor, signage, or scrapbook layouts. Some of the features are you can mix and match features in one cut, cut in portrait or landscape, and the LCD screen shows you what you are cutting for your next cut. The Plantin Schoolbook Font cartridge is included with this machine.

Some add-ons for the Cricut are the Jukebox which allows you to use up to 6 cartridges simultaneously. The Gypsy is a new tool for the Cricut. It is a handheld design studio that holds all your Cricut cartridges for easy use. The Cricut Design Studio Software is another addition you can use with your Cricut system. This software allows you to cut any cartridge shape that you own straight from your computer.

For more information on the Cricut products click on the link provided.

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