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'The Crew' to have a world that 'reacts to the actions of players,' says Ubisoft

The Crew
The Crew

Expect to see an interactive, living world in Ivory Tower's upcoming action-racing game The Crew.

According to the game's lead designer, Serkan Hassan, the cooperative racer will allow player choice and a world that reacts to those decisions.

"A living world is one that evolves on its own, or as a result of the actions of the player or other players," Hassan said in an exclusive interview with Examiner. "So, for example, driving through LA you’ll see lots of traffic, people, perhaps a jet taking off from LAX. Head out into the country and you’ll see wildlife like deer, bears and more.

Most exciting of all, is what you may see with other players. You might stumble upon a pick up race between other players and decide to join in, or even find a player being chased by the police. Do you help them, or impede them? The choice is yours. The world does not only react to your actions. It reacts to the actions of all players."

Earlier today, we reported that The Crew will not require users to play in co-op mode.

The Crew is slated for release this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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