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The Crew opens up every region to players after prologue concludes, says Ubisoft

Ready, set, go!
Ready, set, go!

The Crew is setting itself up to be the biggest game we've ever seen, both literally and figuratively. With the entire United States being encompassed in this open-world racer, players are in for a real treat. That said, how quickly will the world of The Crew completely open-up to players?

Excited for The Crew?

It shouldn't take that long for The Crew to provide players with total access to the world, and it's a big one. Ubisoft has already confirmed that you can participate in a 4-hour long race. When speaking exclusively with, Serkan Hassan, who is the lead game designer on The Crew, talked about how the world and its regions will open up to players.

"After a short prologue, players will be free to explore the entire open world. Every region will be accessible and from this point it’s their choice to either go for a free roaming adventure or continue with their pursuit of the main story.

"Whichever option they choose, this will in no way limit their progression and access to the different specs as each new spec is unlocked by reaching a determined level and every activity in the game rewards you with XP, at the very least.

"So should you want to explore the world, to compete in skill challenges, or to see how the story unfolds through missions, you will always be able to do so and unlock new content in the process. All of this can be done by playing with or without your friends," Hassan said.

The amount of scale that Ubisoft has in store for The Crew is staggering and impressive. It's not just about creating the biggest game possible though, Ubisoft is focused on creating a seamless experience when it comes to blending the single player and multi-player experiences.

Being able to play The Crew and go from a single player race to a group mission will be a beautiful thing to behold, it's what we have been waiting for from games exclusive to the current-generation of systems. The Crew could only be created on the PS4, Xbox One and PC and we can't wait to drive all over the United States when it launches this fall.