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‘The Crew’ online play, servers, and crew level up system detailed by Ubisoft

The Crew
The Crew
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

One of the most anticipated releases of 2014 is Ubisoft’s ambitious MMO racing title, The Crew. Set for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Nov. of this year, The Crew looks to deliver a unique racing experience unlike anything title before it. recently spoke with Andrew Willans – a senior game designer at Ubisoft Relections – about how The Crew will approach online play, how the servers will work, and how the crew system will function in solo play.

Ubisoft wants to make sure all players are engaged with others while racing the USA in The Crew. Instead of strictly relying on friends to be online, The Crew will make use of a server bubble type system that will allow for seamless drop-in and drop-out multiplayer. Each player will have a server bubble around them and up to seven other players can join in on your session. This will allow for players to encounter lots of other players and immediately form a crew while playing. Find Willans’ full explanation below:

Say for example, you’re in solo mode and you’re driving across the USA, try to imagine a bubble, a server bubble that is around you and up to seven people can join your session, drop-in or drop-out. It’s seamless basically. It won’t be like the same seven people are going to be with you [the whole time you’re playing the game]. If you imagine this proximity of multiplayer that follows you, you will encounter lots and lots of different people. The important thing for us is that it’s very quick to crew up, you can meet people and immediately form a crew. It won’t be like sending a friend request [and waiting], it’s like saying we’re buddies right now and we want to play together.

With the title being that of an MMO type nature, racing with others will have a major impact in how your crew level ups and receives future perks. If you opt to race solo the entire time, your crew will not level up. Willans explains that doing missions on your own would defeat the co-op aspects of The Crew. The game is designed to be played with others as you all take on missions and unlock car parts. Read Willans’ detailed comment below:

The honest answer right now, in that example would be no because your progress is still your progress. You might want to do more narrative focused missions yourself and then later if we can joined up with you and saw you did a mission by yourself, that would [defeat the co-op aspects] of the game. We want people to be playing missions a lot for the car parts that you’ll earn, so it’s hopefully not considered a grind, it’s actually something that’s really cool to play in co-op together.

Lastly, The Crew will feature a felony system. Though players will not be able to play as the cops, a felony system is in place to keep players in check from causing too much chaos. With the world of The Crew acting as a living, breathing thing, Ubisoft will have cops pursue crews and players that perform bad acts. Once engaged by the police, players will have the options of attempting to flee or crashing right into the cops. Willans explains more below:

You can’t play as a cop, but there’s a felony system in the game. It’s a living, breathing world. When you do bad things, there’s a system behind it that cues when there’s a chase. We don’t want people knocking over a trashcan and being chased by the cops. It won’t be that sensitive. To get away from the cops, you [would] try to race away as fast as you can or you can crash into them as well.

The Crew will be released in Nov. for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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