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'The Crew' doesn't require you to play in co-op mode

The Crew
The Crew

Developer Ivory Tower's upcoming open-world driving game The Crew will not require players to operate cooperatively.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with Examiner about mission variety in The Crew, Serkan Hassan, lead game designer at Ivory Tower mentions that players can choose to tackle any challenge solo.

"The Crew is not a traditional racing game, and as such, it offers players so much more than just races," Hassan said. "The races that we do have showcase the game’s variety, ranging from intense street racing through the streets of New York, to no holds barred dirt and off-road racing through locations such as Monument Valley."

In every case, these activities can be played solo or cooperatively.

"In addition to races," he adds, "we have missions with a wide ranging set of objectives, from chasing and taking down a tough AI target, to making an escape from law enforcement. In every case, these activities can be played solo or cooperatively."

Additionally, Hassan briefly touches on what players can expect to encounter while exploring the game's open world.

"Beyond the missions lie hundreds of quick fire skill challenges, ensuring the world map is densely populated with interesting and varied things to do," Hassan said. "These challenges are under a minute in length and encourage the player to use their entire range of vehicles to traverse the world in a fresh way. As with everything in The Crew, these challenges can be played solo, or against friends and asynchronously against the ‘ghosts’ of other players who have already completed the challenge.

Finally, exploration will offer players the possibility to take their time and really dive into The Crew’s world, from visiting iconic landmarks to seeking hidden vehicles."

Announced yesterday, The Crew is slated for a fall 2014 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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