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The CreepyNCute Shop Making Headlines in Detroit, Michigan!

Not all dolls are created equal. Some are created to be princesses and rock stars and some are designed to kick butt with kung fu, action grip. Then there are some are created for the intent purpose of being as unique and creepily cute at the same time. Meet the dolls of the CreepyNCuteShop making headlines of Detroit, Michigan.

Lew Temple a.k.a. Axel
Piper Smith
Handcrafted Zombie dolls
Piper Smith

Starting a year ago, these dolls from the CreepyNCuteShop are handcrafted per request of the individuals' love for a doll that just happens to be a zombie too! You can order one in a likeness of yourself or be able to create a doll like you've never seen before. They have won several awards fro"Best New Independent Store - the Suburbs"and "Best Local Etsy Shop" for Best of Detroit 2014. There have even been two articles for the Shop in the Detroit Rock'N"Roll magazine and Detroit Metro Times.

Making their first appearance at Detroit ZCon in Troy and having booths at several other conventions, the CreepyNCute have personally hand delivered dolls specially crafted for the cast of the critically acclaimed AMC television series "The Walking Dead". These dolls were delivered at Walker Stalker Convention in Boston, Mass., Motor City Comic Con, and Motor City Nightmares Weekend. They even created dolls for Judith O'Dea and Russ Streiner from George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead".

The CreepyNCute Shop plan on making new dolls for horror fans, and exhibiting at future conventions such as the Detroit ZCon in November 2014. Check out their Etsy Shop or visit them on Facebook to have a custom doll created just for you and enjoy the creepy!