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The creepy connection between Miley Cyrus & Jared Loughner

Mug Shot
Mug Shot

There is a creepy connection between failed role model Miley Cyrus and alleged killer Jared Loughner. The 22 year old Loughner and the 18 year old Cyrus are rumored to have used the legal hallucinogenic herb Salvia.

TMZ broke the not so shocking video of Miley sucking on a now famous bong. The New York Times recently reported that Loughner had been known to use the legal herb also known as Diviner’s Sage.

In the New York Times article Loughner is also said to have used other illegal street drugs and it makes you wonder if Miley has been doing the same?

Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler was asked about Cyrus’s use of Salvia and he seemed to be unaware of the drug. It seems every new generation has it’s own IT drug.

Many may have breathed a sigh of relief that the Cyrus bong was not filled with the oh so familiar Miss Mary Jane and only a so called non addictive herb, but when the Loughner bong surfaces for sale (and you know it will) they could easily become part of a creepy pair forever linked in tragic infamy.

Young people may think they have a right to experiment and they will certainly never become a killer, so no harm done. Legal or not, the truth is, there are huge risks involved in taking drugs, even prescription drugs and the only way to protect your health is to simply not use them.


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