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The Creative Side of Social Media

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In the last article, Social Media was highlighted as one of the areas a business should focus on to be prepared and competitive in the future.

One of the fun things about Social Media is its versatility. Once your business creates a solid platform and presence you can begin to use the platform to creatively reach your market and create a buzz. Below are two examples of how Social Media is being used by organizations to spread information and to reach its market - which in both examples is youth.

The first example was highlighted during the Mocha Moms White House Visit. One of the administrators that was present at the briefing, J. Nadine Gracia, M.D., M.S.C.E., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health within the Department of Health and Human Services, shared a program that was created through a National Agency to promote healthy moms and healthy babies. The program uses text messaging to deliver content to expectant and new moms. sends messages to help pregnant moms monitor the growth of their baby and reminds them of pre-natal appointments and best practices. After birth, moms are also reminded of well-baby appointments and milestones after the baby is born. In 2010, the campaign had over 250,000 moms and expectant moms enrolled.

The second example is also from a public service organization, Planned Parenthood. The organization created a campaign called Where Did You wear it? This campaign comes complete with a website, condoms with scannable QR codes, the ability to "check-in" to post safe sex experiences and even to rate those experiences.

While these campaigns may not be relevant for your specific business, the lesson is you can use Social Media platforms to meet your market where they are - doing what they do. If you know your market and are aware of the available tools - you can create an unique campaign that places you in the most intimate places with your client.

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