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The Crazy Wisdom Bookstore of Ann Arbor is ground zero for new year's resolutions


When most people think of Ann Arbor, they probably think of the University of Michigan and all that entails.  Ann Arbor is also a great place to be for help in carrying out New Year's resolutions.  Ground zero for researching, planning, and partaking in New Year's resolution activities is the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore at 114 South Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor.

Residents of the area should stop by this week to find out what books and other media are available for New Year's resolutions.  They can also find out what activities, lectures and workshops are available at the bookstore, and surrounding areas, by picking up a copy of the Crazy Wisdom Journal.  For those who can't make it to Main Street to pick up a copy, they can access it online. 

So for those who are planning for out -of-town company, they can check out the Crazy Wisdom Calender to plan a life changing visit for both hosts and guests.

For you out-of-towners who can't make it to Ann Arbor this year, you can still read detailed stories about lecturers at and friends of the bookstore in the Crazy Wisdom Journal Archive.  You can also get the latest book and music suggestions in the Crazy Wisdom "In The Bookstore" online newsletter.

This article is just an introduction to Ann Arbor resources to help make New Year's resolutions into "full year's" resolution.  Click the subscribe button above to be informed of upcoming articles as they are published.