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The Crayon: Weird Events In My Room

Weird Events
Weird Events
Cheryl A nocera

Tonight when I came home there was an unusual crayon mark on my wall that was not there before I left. After seeing this mark I asked my son and his girlfriend to come upstairs to see. They told me that they heard doors slamming upstairs, someone walking around, and a lot of banging. Originally, they thought it was me, but I was not home. My son's girl friend asked him at one point, who is upstairs there is a lot of noises going on, and who is walking around? They could not figure out what was going on.

Before I left the house I took a shower, while I was in the shower I heard doors banging. I thought my son left, but when I came out of the shower his car was still there. The commotion did start while I was at home, but I did not really pay attention either. However, when I came home and saw the crayon mark that I did not put on my wall, and the mark was not there before I left, that is when I got curious. The interesting thing about this mark it is at a child's level. When I was pregnant with my son over 23 years ago, I was at his father's house and he told me a little girl came in the room, and started writing her name, and stopped when she saw him looking at her. Her name stopped at Chris. He told me the little girl was about 7 with long light hair, and an old white nightgown.

There are some faint images that can be viewed. I took a photo of the crayon mark. When looking at these images remember it was pitch black both in my room and outside.


Cheryl A Nocera