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The Cowhead Show attacks pit bulls

The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation
The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation
The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

Recently a radio personality known as Cowhead, on 102.5 The Bone, in Florida, conducted an interview with Linda Blair who is best know for her role in The Exorcist. While the interview started off innocent enough with discussions of The Exorcist Raising Hell a documentary style behind the scene look at The Exorcist movie, the conversation soon took an ugly turn for the worse.

Almost as soon as Blair made mention of "The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation" which is her animal rescue sanctuary the discussion became a heated debate about pit bulls. When asked how she felt about pit bulls Blair made it perfectly clear that she was a devoted advocate and supporter of pit bulls. She also went on to mention her brief appearances on Animal Planet's popular show Pit Boss which stars pit bull activist Shorty Rossi.

As the conversation continues both Cowhead and Blair take strong stances on opposite sides of the pit bull debate with Cowhead stating his opinion that pit bulls are dangerous and Blair sharing her beliefs that it is humans that should be held responsible when pit bulls attack. Blair attempts to educate Cowhead about the once noble history and current struggles of the modern day pit bull but quickly becomes impatient with his refusal to listen and eventually accuses Cowhead and the media in general of being responsible for creating the undeserved bad reputation that plagues pit bulls within today's society. Cowhead responds by accusing Blair of going too far, to which she replies by hanging up.

One would think the bungled interview would end there but once Cowhead realizes she has hung up he begins a brutal personal attack upon Linda Blair, Shorty Rossi, and pit bulls. He continues his tirade by going on to say: "Find me an Olympic-size swimming pool. In it, put Linda Blair and then every pit bull, half pit, bring that little frickin’ midget with the hat from the TV show, douse them with gasoline, throw in all the copies of this stupid Exorcist movie, this is what I think of your stupid movie. Throw them all in there and then set them on fire, and I want all of their little doggy heads to be spinning around as it goes down."

His rant against Linda Blair and pit bulls continues for several more minutes becoming even more out right nasty and disgusting on several levels before Cowhead finally ends his verbal temper tantrum by expressing his wish that a Pit Bull would bite Linda Blair on her private parts.

It is no mystery why this interview has pit bull advocates and animal lovers across the world in an uproar. Many have called for a complete boycotting of not only Cox stations but also their advertisers until Cowhead publicly apologizes for this gross injustice against innocent pit bulls. Animal organizations across the word are also encouraging their supporters and fellow advocates to contact the general manager at their local Cox station affiliates and let them know that you will no longer listen to their stations or buy from their paid advertisers until amends have been made for this unprovoked attack upon pit bulls.