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The country of Jordan refuses to let the smoke clear

Jordan is a country where cigarettes and smoking are openly accepted. Whereas, in the United States cigarettes have become somewhat of a plague. The majority of restaurants and bars will not allow smoking inside.

The Jordan government recognizes that large numbers of the population are dying with illnesses that effect the lungs and throats. The statistics are growing each year. The Jordanian government is attempting to ban cigarettes in restaurants and other establishment.

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Some of the natives are accusing the Jordanian government of following the Western rule. While, many business owners care more about cash than cancer. There appears to be stigma attached to coffee shops and restaurant. Owners simply don't want to get rid of the cigarettes, cigars, or the hookah. It seems like the mentality is if it doesn't puff than there's no profit.

Business owners believe that smoke free environments will hurt their cash flow. The Health Minister, began the challenging efforts to enforce a smoking ban. The Health Minister said the new law was created to“save lives, not businesses.”

Russia has implemented a smoking ban that has yet to be enforced. The U.S. celebrated its 50 year anniversary of the surgeon general's warning regarding cigarettes.

While the world is adjusting to the smoke free model, Jordanian's have stated that smoking is part of their culture. I suppose smoking could be considered a religion. Maybe that is why smokers appear to get more breaks than others in the workplace. So, the debate will continue......

What are your thoughts, do you believe that there should be a world-wide smoking ban? Please scroll down to the bottom of this page where you can write your thoughts and insights on this topic.

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