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The Country Music You Should Be Listening To : Haywire by Josh Turner

Josh Turner's new album Haywire was released on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010.
Josh Turner's new album Haywire was released on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010.
Courtesy John Lavallo

With all the snow that the Baltimore Washington region has been receiving in the past week forcing everyone to be stuck inside I decided the best way to pass the time was to listen to Josh Turner’s newest album, Haywire. Yesterday marked the release of it and it’s already receiving rave reviews across the country music world.

The first time I listened to the album I was quickly reminded of why I am such a fan of Josh Turner to begin with. Admittedly when I first stuck the CD into my computer I had to play his hit single “Why Don’t We Just Dance” on repeat. This song has been a favorite since it was released on the radios. It’s infectious beat and catchy lyrics always have me up and dancing around whenever I hear it. After listening to that song for about five times I decided it was time to give the rest of the CD a chance.

I was immediately rewarded with the next song on Haywire “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” a love song about how it would be impossible for him to be a man and not love his woman. The lyrics in this song are what I believe country music is all about. It’ll melt even the coldest of hearts and has quickly become my second favorite song on the album (It’ll take a lot to kick “Why Don’t We Just Dance” out of the lead”

The best part of this album is the variety that Josh Turner offers to his listeners. He balances a think line of offering up tempo songs as well as more meaningful ballads but never has too many of one variety. This is definitely an album that I can listen to all the way through several times and not get bored. That, arguably, is a good sign of any album.

“Haywire,” and “Friday Paycheck” both show Josh Turner’s lighter side and are catchy tunes that would make any listener tapping their feet at the very least. On the other side Josh Turner’s songs like “A Fast as I Could” shows a softer side of Josh Turner.

Typically when I reach the end of albums I don’t expect as much. Based on experience the songs aren’t as memorable and they are rarely my favorite songs on the artist’s album. This isn’t so for Haywire. His song “The Answer” is a clearly religious song about Jesus being “the answer” and easily succeeded in bumping “Why Don’t We Just Dance” into number two for my favorite songs on the album.

In addition to the album listeners who get the Deluxe Edition get an additional four tracks including the infectious “Let’s Find a Church” and live versions of “Long Black Train” and “Your Man.”

Be sure to catch Josh Turner on David Letterman tonight.


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