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The Countdown to "Prince Lestat" Begins

Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt
Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt

The countdown begins.

In approximately 120 days, the long awaited return of Anne Rice to her beloved Vampire Chronicles will finally be realized with the publication of “Prince Lestat” on October 28th, 2014.

For those Anne Rice fans who may not be aware, the author of over 30 novels, including “Interview with the Vampire”, “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches” and the “Wolf Gift Chronicles” made the announcement about “Prince Lestat” a few months ago on the weekly internet radio program “The Dinner Party Show” hosted by her son, Christopher Rice and his friend, Eric Shaw Quinn.

The news was met with incredible enthusiasm by both lifelong fans of the author and those new to Mrs. Rice’s work.

In fact, whenever the author announces a new book, the anticipation by her fans takes on a life of its own. During the wait between announcement and publication of both, “The Wolf Gift” and “The Wolves of Mid-winter”, her widely popular Facebook page exploded with almost daily countdowns, as well as, pictures of all different types of werewolves.

While many other authors have extremely loyal fans that wait for their new titles with equal zest, rarely does their excitement reach the fever pitch of Anne Rice fans.

And naturally, as she has done with almost every new book she has published, the author will hit the road to promote “Prince Lestat”. Appropriately, her first stop will be the annual “Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club Halloween Ball” where this year’s theme will, of course, be “Lestat’s Coronation”.

This Halloween event has become an immensely popular gathering spot for Anne Rice fans from all over the world. These fans have been known to attend in full costumes based on her characters with most displaying their own fangs. Tickets are always limited and information on “Lestat’s Coronation Ball” can be found of the “Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club” website.

The rest of Anne Rice’s book tour will be determined by her publisher with dates and places to be announced very soon after publication.

In a recent interview where the author discussed her book signings across the country, Mrs. Rice said:

.”The early tours were tough. I was unaccompanied, got around by taxi, checked into hotels alone, rushed to make appointments, and sometimes depended on the kindness of strangers to get to the airport on time for a flight, and this was exhausting, but I was still glad that the publisher was sending me out. It was exciting to be in New York, Chicago, and Toronto. I learned a lot, and this has an influence on my writing. In later years particularly I had a lot of fun. By then I was traveling with publicists from Knopf, and they assisted at the signings, filling out post its with names, and we had a lot of laughing time for meals, and on the way to the airports, etc. Escorts in various cities showed me wonderful things. A painter in St. Louis took me only a little tour of beautiful old houses there and this later influenced my writing of Queen of the Damned (the story of Baby Jenks and her visit to the coven house in St. Louis.)

In Houston once a charming limo driver talked to the fans and let them sit in the limo, etc. outside the signing. And often the limo drivers had funny stories to tell, and would take us to see the sights when there was time. It was thrilling in D.C. to see the White House, The Supreme Court, etc. I had wonderful hotel rooms and suites, and that in itself was an experience.

But I guess the costumed readers were always the most fun, seeing somebody totally wrapped as a Mummy, or dressed in gorgeous vintage lace and black velvet, with white make up. This started early. At Change of Hobbit a great store in Santa Monica I saw the greatest costumes.

And then it began to happen all over. I was often taken to lovely restaurants, so got the feel of various cities that way, and many of the hotels were highly distinctive, like the Willard in D.C. or the Ritz Carltons in Atlanta, or the Brown Hotel in Denver. I stayed in marvelous B&Bs in Jacksonville, Mississippi and in Vermont. ------- And a whole different category of fun happens when a signing is an event, when I get delivered to the bookstore in a coffin inside a hearse, and then pop out of the coffin in a black dress. I loved doing that. I did that in New Orleans and in Las Vegas.”

As devoted as Anne Rice’s fans can be, it is equally the author’s own loyalty and generosity to her fans that helps fuel the furor and anticipation at the publication of any new book by her.

So as the countdown begins for “Prince Lestat” and the sheer joy of reading about the new exploits of some of our favorite characters, the anticipation is just as fierce for the possibility of meeting your favorite author, perhaps sharing a few words and getting a long awaited book signed.

That is … till the next one!

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