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The cost of an African American man in America

You turn this way it's a murder, you turn look this way it's a murder, and then when you finally turn this way the cops are doing the killing as well. The alarming rate that African American makes are dying are a all time high, an increasing number that continues to grow everyday in our nation and even world. Just the summer of 2014 have seen a death till among African male reach a peak that has one saying to oneself, what has our world and society come too, where human being lives have no value and are taken away senselessly. There was once a time where African males were the apparent target of the KKK and police brutality, now it seem that era has returned and have again become out present reality.

Black men are dying at an alarming rate
Black men are dying at an alarming rate
stop the killing America

African Americans once sang a familiar song, we shall overcome one day but has that day come, in that bad must become badder, for good to finally be visualized. Every time one scroll down his or her social media timeline it is a certain guarantee that their is a video or image of African male or feeling fighting one another or being battered by law enforcement. Too often do we this depiction that our children and youth are now become desensitized to violence and unrest. Society for African American males have become a real war zone, a developed atmosphere and environment of hatred, where one can lose his life from just merely stepping out the front door to grab the daily mail from the mailbox.

It is so innocent for an African American male or female to be racially profiled by law enforcement officers. Whether Caucasian cops or African Americans, the stereotyping by law enforcement officers goes across a vast field. You can be well groomed and even dressed as a professional and still be wrongfully accused and be stopped for a mistaken identity. Walking or living while black is an law enforcement and power struck issue as well. Even African American officers themselves become institutionalized, believing that individuals from the African American race are criminal and are more prune to create and become involved in crimes. When will this blatant psychological criminal persecution on African Americans end?